Yadav Mehra’s Story

Yadhav Mehra is one of the premier motivational speakers, who inspire people to find their true potential and motivate them to live life on their own terms. His powerful speeches have boosted the morale of people not only in India but abroad too.

For people who find his name unique, the credit for this unusual name goes to Yadhav’s grandmother. She gave his elder brother the name Raghav (another name for Lord Ram) and after he was born she named him Yadhav as she felt she got her Krishna.

Born in Delhi on January 15th 1966, Yadhav Mehra spent his growing up years in Sonipat. He was always a curious child since childhood.

His constant questioning and curiosity to know about the unknown often left him reprimanded by teachers. Once in class 3rd, he asked his moral science teacher about “Who made God”?, and since the teacher didn’t have any answer she scolded Yadhav to avoid answering it. But that didn’t deter his spirits.

In 1997, Yadhav Mehra founded boutique training company C-Cube Training & Development, which offers training workshops in personality growth and development of key life skills. C-Cube stands for Character, Competence & Communication – three areas where he himself wants to improve as he walks through the journey of life.

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