Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness

“Are Leaders born or Can You Become One?”
Leadership Skills can be learned and developed through persistent self-effort in acquiring the relevant competencies and mindset.

Most people are followers by nature and are waiting for someone to inspire them and lead them on. But their following is not available on a platter. You have to earn it. You have to gain acceptance as a leader. If you don’t someone else will. Leadership is not something that can be bestowed upon you by a particular position alone.

Our program helps the participants:

  • Become aware of the changes required in their perspectives, attitudes, competencies and behaviour to Gain Acceptance as a leader
  • Set and Achieve challenging Team Goals
  • Put “elements of team” in place to ensure consistent achievement of team goals
  • Leverage their personal time and develop team members by Effective Delegating
  • Empower and Motivate their team members
  • Give constructive Performance Feedback
  • Coaching team members who need help
  • Suit leadership style to the situation
  • Control Attrition and Engage team members

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