Handling Development Dialogues (DD) and Check-Ins

Developing the ability to have semi-formal business conversations with your team members and stake holders is not easy. Some people find these conversations tense because topics border around how a person is progressing towards his goals and sometimes not.

A Development Dialogue (DD) is not just a conversation around giving and receiving feedback. It involves deep discussions around achievement and development goals. Discussions about how the person is performing, what she needs, what is blocking his energy etc.

Check-Ins are semi-formal, meaningful conversations between the team member and her reporting manager that are focused on what matters.

Check-Ins are not to confused with ice-breaking conversations. Check-ins help people to keep the conversation and meet-up channelized into the direction of enriching growth. A short check-in can give you direction for the rest of the day and also look at future possibilities.

Skills covered in this session are:

  • Six elements of impactful communication
  • The structure of a Development Dialogue
  • Possible derailers in a DD
  • Principles of Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • The concept of Check-ins

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