High-Performance Teams (HPT)

High-Performance Teams (HPTs) are rarely seen and experienced. Those who have tasted the energy force of being part of an HPT can never forget the experience. An experience where your individual goals merge with the team’s goals. A time when both role clarity and role ambiguity are savored and enjoyed. Where excessive self-focus is replaced by a permanent theme of the team’s mission and vision.

When a set of people come together to achieve something they cannot reach individually – a group gets formed. Groups do not naturally become teams even though the initial intent might be to create one. Groups of people who come together may end up becoming a working group or a pseudo team or potential team or a High-Performance Team.

Pseudo-teams are worse than people working individually. This is because in pseudo-teams people experience nynergy instead of synergy.

Leaders need to ensure the presence of several elements to create a team. These include a compelling goal, complementary team members, swift response in areas of reward and reprimand, high work ethic.

However, these elements are not easy to put together. There are potential roadblocks that prevent a group of people from becoming a team that performs difficult feats.

The session/workshop addresses the following concerns:

  • Why are some teams fun and others not?
  • Why do certain teams have meaningful stress while others suck up your energy?
  • Are there any proven models for high-performing teams?
  • What can I do as a people manager to improve the culture of my team?
  • How to lead teams when I do not have legitimacy power over my team?
  • Are there constructive and destructive roles in a team? What is the ideal construct of a team (in terms of roles?)

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