First Time Manager

When a person becomes a manager for the first time –his role and functions undergo a paradigm shift. He now has to not only do things but also plan, organize, monitor and control. He is now responsible not only for his results but the results of the team. He can no longer blame the system – he is the system. The buck stops at him! People who he was working with as an equal, now report to him- and he has to gain their acceptance. A good orientation to his new role can help in clarifying his perspective and giving him confidence.

Our program helps the participants:

  • Understand the transition and its implications in terms of new roles and functions, changes required in attitude and perspective
  • Accept “ownership”
  • Gain acceptance from team members
  • Plan effectively for attainment of team goals
  • Identify and remove constraints that hold back team performance
  • Balance between seniors and subordinates
  • Solve problems and take decisions
  • Delegate effectively instead of holding on
  • Ensure high team morale and motivation
  • Handle difficult subordinates

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