Competency based Interviewing Skills

In teams because we depend on others to do our jobs, our performance will be only as good as the team members we select. Also, with increasing recruiting, training and attrition costs it has become important that the interviewing be rigorous and effective – allowing us to select team members who are perfectly aligned in terms of their skills, attitudes and personality.

Our program helps the participants:

  • Understand the importance of effective Interviewing
  • Be well-prepared for Competency-Based-Selection Interviews
  • Set the tone and build rapport at the beginning of the interview
  • Ask appropriate questions
  • Avoid inappropriate questions
  • Learn to probe for clarifying, collecting additional information, or validating previous information
  • Identify areas where the candidate is unsure or not telling the truth
  • Evaluate on pre-determined criteria
  • Recognize and avoid Biases
  • Learn to influence good candidates to join
  • Bring the interview to a conclusive close

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