Marrying right by using competency based interviewing skills

Marriage is considered to be a sacred reunion of a man and a woman. Be it love marriage, arrange marriage or a fusion of both, people often get cold feet as they reach that age. The thought of whether he or she will get a right life partner often haunts them.

When you are sealing the deal with your soul mate, you cannot afford to overlook the things that truly matter to both the parties. That’s where the idea of using competency based interview skills comes in action. A matrimonial interview is the most crucial interview of a person’s life. This decision requires not just love at first sight but enormous wisdom too. A person needs to be clear about his or her own core values as well as those of their partner’s.

Competency based interviewing skills is a life skill. You need to learn how to ask questions around core values without violating dignity and privacy of each other.

For example, when you ask questions about a person’s past like how much have you travelled and if the person says he or she has travelled a lot, this could possibly mean that the person is fond of travelling.

But if the person has never travelled but claims that he or she is fond of travelling then one has to ask more questions to find out whether the person is truly fond of travelling or is saying just for the sake of it. Competency based interviewing skills include asking questions about specific characteristics of a person to predict their habits as well as future.

However, it doesn’t mean that if that person hasn’t done something in the past, it will not be true in future.

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