Authentic Productive and Meaningful Relationships

Relationships are about the way we align with our stakeholders and people in our ecosystem. When we relate well with other our alignment with them is constructive for one and all. A good example of relating, aligning is that of the relationship between a knife and a grinding stone. If the alignment or the relationship between the knife and the grinding stone is at the right angle then the knife sharpens while relating with the grinding stone. However if the alignment or the relationship or the angle at which the knife and the grinding stone meet is not correct then the knife becomes blunt.

The same is the case with relationships that we had with people. Fake relationships lead to shallow interactions. These shallow interactions do not deliver meaning or long term productivity or a sense of truth and honesty around them. In a word full of tuck of war it is not easy to have authentic relationships and yet keep them productive and meaningful. What does it take to have a right combination of authenticity, productivity and meaningfulness in a relationship is discussed in this workshop. The participants are slowly but surely taken through experiences where they realize that it may be a good idea to end toxic relationships and channelize their energies towards building solid relationships.

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