Crucial Life Competencies

The 6 months engagement with Yadhav Mehra over 24 sessions of 3 hours each promise a journey that will set you for a clearer practical mind to deal with important areas of life. The subjects covered in this course shall be categorized into 3 pillars:


  • Understand values
  • Find out your own values
  • Get over conflicting values


  • To be able to do more in life
  • To be able to set goals + prioritize
  • To execute
  • To measure progress
  • To understand and handle distractions
  • To merge content with form


  • To be able to inform, influence and relate with competence and confidence
  • Bridge knowing – explaining gaps by articulating with conviction and naturally
  • Network authentically without feeling awkward and artificial
  • Comfortably negotiate without feeling mean or petty
  • Become socially adept in chit chatting and lubricating relationships
  • Develop boldness and a spine while communicating
  • Develop credibility and trust in the minds of others so that they take you seriously
  • Develop a personality that gets you visibility for gaining growth at one’s own terms
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