From the Horse’s Mouth Webinars Series

‘From the horse’s mouth’ is a series of webinars and seminars organized by Yadhav Mehra, where he discusses about how to tackle difficult interpersonal situations. This public event is held along with relevant panelists and open audience in order to discuss, deliberate and raise relevant questions surrounding behavioral issues.

These webinars are facilitated by Yadhav Mehra to deconstruct, dissect and analyze subjects related to daily challenges. The panelists include people who have been through similar experiences.

Examples of Yadhav Mehra’s webinars are:

  • Mother in laws: discussing: how to tackle difficult mother in laws (not a gender comment)
  • Bosses : discussing: how to handle difficult bosses / Shakuni / Sharp Shark Bosses
  • Policeman: discussing how to handle irresponsible policeman (not a gender comment)
  • Ruffians & hooligans: discussing: how to pushback ruffians in cinemas, roads and neighborhoods etc.
  • Doctors: discussing: how to tackle doctors who maybe prescribing expensive diagnostic tests that you may feel are not required.
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