Long Duration Courses (12 half day sessions spread over 6 months)

Long duration courses are courses that take a participant through the contents of the workshop but more importantly long duration workshops help a person not only cover the width of the subject but also the depth of the subject. The methodology that is followed in long duration workshops is to cover a content or a topic in a particular week over half day and then take one full week time to understand, digest, experiment, fail, succeed, reflect and then come back to the class after seven days with victories, semi-victories and learning. This helps in the penny dropping. Participants get a full chance to experience their learning and internalize the lessions deeply

  • Monkey Mind: Get comfortable under your skin
  • Key conflicts of life – Sort them out now! – Don’t let these opposing thoughts suck your energy
  • Pseudo morality and misplaced virtuosity
  • Crucial Life Competencies
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