Personal Branding and Brand me – By Yadhav Mehra

In today’s competitive world, it is very important to create a niche for yourself in order to achieve highest levels of professional success and for that you need to make yourself visible. That’s where ‘personal branding’ and ‘brand me’ comes into existence.

Your visibility is your responsibility! Many people shy away from personal branding as they feel it may be inauthentic. They come from a school of thought where they believe that if they are good at their job they will automatically get noticed. Then what is the need to advertise oneself?

They fail to realise that people today are too busy to notice good work. So ideally, it won’t be wrong to highlight your achievements. Everyone needs to take the responsibility to advertise himself or herself. One has to make sure that their achievements and qualities reach the relevant stakeholders so that when the opportunity arises, you are not ignored.

There are five elements that play a crucial role in creation of personal brand:

  • Boldness – that means having a spine
  • Should be able to have high impact interactions – means one should be capable to hold up on one’s ground even when in minority and systematically change the mindset of people as long as there is merit in it.
  • Person’s appearance
  • Ability to connect with people with dignity
  • A person must have business credibility too.

If any person becomes proficient in all these five elements, he or she will be able to build a successful ‘brand me’.

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