Pseudo morality and misplaced virtuosity

The workshop on Pseudo morality and misplaced virtuosity is meant more for people who try to be nice to everyone and in the process are not so nice to themselves. They do this because they have wrong understanding of what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad. A lot of their concept about righteous mess, correctness, appropriateness is built around social inputs that have been given to them since their childhood.

A person may think that it is the right thing to serve one’s parents because he has been conditioned to think like that. That is usually a good thing to do unless a person is unfortunate to have an abusive parents. This workshop aims to enlighten people around which maxims of morality to follow and when what kind of virtuous are to be embraced in what situations. The underline theme of this workshop is that morality, virtuosity, ethics are all context based. At the end of the program the participants can hope to feel authentic and original while judging the values of their life.

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