Quick Summary
  • Yadhav Mehra dons various faces of a perspirational speaker, a corporate trainer and life skills trainer. His admirers have lovingly address him as ‘Messiah of the Mediocres’ and a ‘Successful Loser’.
  • In 1997. Yadhav Mehra he founded boutique training company C-Cube Training & Development. ‘C-cube’ stands for Character, Competence & Communication, which he follows in real life too. Through his training institute, YM provides training workshops in coaching and key life skills.
  • His workshops in various corporate organisations have witnessed a 100% repeat. He’s an expert in discussing about things that are usually kept under wraps following the fear of ridicule or over exposure.
  • The impact of YM’s motivational speeches is such that his participants, followers and coaches are compelled include the life skill lessons in their personal as well as professional lives – even after decades of attending his sessions. Y’s followers believe that his practical approach helps in bringing about a change in perspective.
  • Yadhav Mehra is a brilliant orator and has the ability to understand people’s talent and their learning needs, something that plays a vital role in evolving oneself.
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