Seasoned Leader: Learning to marry paradoxes and polarities

Leadership is the fine art of influencing people’s intentions and their actions to take them from current state to desired state. The process of influencing is not an easy one. Leaders are constantly faced with challenges that vary from one extreme to another. They rarely have the luxury to catch one end of the spectrum. They can not choose between black and white but have to continuously struggle in making black meet white. They cannot choose between justice and mercy, decency or shamelessness. Instead they have to create fusion between paradoxes and have a style that marries the two extremes primarily because picking up an extreme is an luxury they can not afford. The workshop takes participants through how to become skilled and proficient in not struggling between polarities – marries polarities. Learning the art of being decently shameless, wisely selfish, detached engagement and merciful justice. The workshop is not philosophical yet it taps on to the philosophical expect of the participants.

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