14 Oct

Ani Avakian

It was a great pleasure for me to meet Yadhav Mehra twice. I had the chance to know him in personal; attending in his training courses, organized by BAYER Academy in Dubai on 2015 & 2016.Courses were “Learn to Lead 1”& “Learn to Lead 2” each with duration of 4 days- (8:30-17:00), including workshop, challenging activities,  interaction, open discussion  and on top of all his professional training subjects re leadership.Topics were well classified with high standards, hence through his coaching skills, every attendee was interacting enthusiastically. I dare to say that I broadly learned managerial skills, expertise of a strong team work, and knowledge of leadership in academic language.(His provided handouts, pamphlets and notes, are still my reference books as a holy guidelines in my carrier.)

Meanwhile his very professional ability in conducting team, exposing an energetic environment, interacting with each and every attendee &   his delicate art of influencing all, were all proofs of his professionality as a trainer.

I’d like to state that as a Bayer employee for about 20 years, I had so many courses during my professional life; however the time I spent & material I learned from Yadhav’s training sessions are the best knowledge and practice I had so far.

Moreover, whether I had the chance to attend to other programs held by him, with no doubt I will, and recommend to my colleagues and friends not to miss it!

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