13 Oct

Divakar Gokhale

Yadhav brings his experience, knowledge, communication skills and subject matter expertise nicely together in his training sessions. Highly energetic, expressive and communicative in nature, he is able to connect with the participants very quickly and keep them engaged throughout the session, using different styles and tactics. I have done several leadership trainings with him as trainer and found those quite valuable for my career and also in my personal life.

He explains a topic by sharing his own relevant experience or something that he has read, to make the learning easy and to get the right essence of it. I personally have liked his coaching skills as well and I am sure that there are others who feel the same. Not many trainers blend in humor nicely but Yadhav has knack of doing it well. Using modern tools and also traditional ways of classroom training comes to him seamlessly. He is able to offer his expertise in training, across variety of management topics applicable at different levels of an organization. This makes him versatile.

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