10 Oct

Dr. Iyad Takrouri

Yadhav was our trainer in four trainings in the Learn to Lead 1 & 2, the advanced trainings of leadership. He was also was our facilitator in the leadership meetings in Crop Science in Middle East

Yadhav is motivational trainer, he is able to bring out the best out of the participants, as a trainer Yadhav is able to challenge participants and show them the broader picture by explaining the science and theory of relevant subject and on top and most important Yadhav delivers this with a great positive spirit, in a fun way using practical examples that really makes the situation memorable.

I highly recommend Yadhav Mehra Given a chance I would like to attend more programs of Yadhav. His USP as a trainer in comparison to other programs I have attended are excellent theoretical explanation, the practical trainings, real life examples and the additional effort Yadhav gives with one-on-one mentoring following the trainings.

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