04 Nov

Rahul Kalia

I have known Yadhav for last 14 years and with each passing day I admire him more. I met Yadhav in 2006 when we engaged him for a session to engage more than 100 participants for a national conference in KL for ICI paints. Our relationship has grown from a training partner to professional acquaintance; from a professional acquaintance to a friend; from a friend to a philosopher, guide and mentor. I always experienced Yadhav like a professional consultant (doctor), who has deep expertise in many areas and will always speak the truth and has the courage to show the mirror and recommend what really needs to be done. I have been a great admirer of Yadhav for his child like curiosity, ability to challenge the status quo with a right balance of logic & emotions and his great ability to tolerate and mange ambiguity. I highly recommend Yadhav as a trainer, OD interventionist, coach and a guide.

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