04 Nov

Rahul Singh Lovell

Yadhav has been the most effective and engaging trainer in my professional career.  Many trainers have the ability to engage and educate.  Yadhav is the rare breed who also makes you change.

Yadhav simplifies management principles and makes them relatable.  Through examples and games, the participants experience the power of these principles in the context of their real life situations.  Having made the case for change, he then shares a set of simple rules and templates (calling them templates is also an overstatement) to make you live the change.  You start practising them from the very next day and they became a part of your management style.

The experiences and learnings I gathered from his workshop (‘Manager programme’) helped me transition effectively into my role as a Manager.  Even though many years have passed, I and many others continue to practise what we learnt.  Today, the Yadhav Mehra Manager School is an integral part of the coming of age of a new Manager in our Risk Practice.

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