13 Oct

Rajesh Relan

Deciphering learning’s from scriptures, observing experiences, capturing life lessons and articulating them to his audience have been Yadhav’s forte in his delivery, training, mentoring and coaching. He is quick at understanding his audience and communicates in a simple and straight forward manner, sometime hard hitting, that naturally builds a bond with them. Through his time tested techniques of delayering deep psyche of humans, he connects and develops long-term relationships with all ages – young and old, that includes his clients as well. From a classmate to a friend to a bouncing board to a client at MetLife India, I have seen him hone his skills and develop a mental repository of new age wisdom, during our association over the last 40 years. He is happy to devote his time to share his learning’s as a counsel with one and all, from those who can and who cannot pay with a selfless nonmonetary objective. I am glad to know that he is now embarking on a journey where his learning’s will not be limited to a few in the confines of close door interactions and conference halls, but to people at large, who would immensely benefit from the wealth of his experience. I wish him the best in his future endeavors!

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