13 Oct

Vineet Goel

I meant every word I wrote in my mail

Will like to attend your all future sessions will be organized by SRF

Time is most precious thing in life and wisdom I learnt from you have saved my least my two years (Actually more) because to gain this much wisdom I would have taken two years at least and more over that too was not certain because to learn mix of so many important and practical concepts, I would have to read so many books from different great writers. Route could be , reading books ( Again, most important decision : which book is to be read) and understanding it and then imbibing and putting in practice takes a lot of time and here comes the roll of Teacher who make you learn things with such an ease that you never felt you actually had to put any efforts in doing so. One more point, while reading book, you cannot get the practical experience which we get in actual workshop where learning in team is done by simulating various practical situations

So Sir thanks Again. Now reading the book “48 laws of power”.Books seems like “Chankaya niti“ written by Robert Greene. Enjoying wisdom. Thanks for sharing this book which will for sure give wisdom to see the things from new prospective.

Keep me updated of your event