New to Yadhav Mehra

Those who don’t know much about Yadhav Mehra, he a regular middle class guy with no rags to riches story. But the struggles and successes he faced in his life journey so far has made him an expert on issues like:

  • Corporate success
  • Looking for his Swadharma
  • Overcoming small town complexes
  • Ruthless Prioritizing
  • Monkey Mind
  • Presence and Gravitas
  • Marrying peace and prosperity

He has been a behavioural as well as life skill trainer and coach for the past two and a half decades. He’s an expert in conducting healthy discussion on topic related to real issues that are normally not talked about.

His speeches provide new ways of learning, understanding and reflection to people in personal and professional life.

Yadhav Mehra trains and coaches people of various age group in diverse range of sectors and companies. He has mastered the art of discussing the undiscussables. He fearlessly speaks about matters that are usually brushed under the carpet.

He has mostly worked towards helping people from middle management to upper management. He has inspired people to experience the joys of Progress Principle (from good to better – daily self-surpassed).

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